We encourage everyone to take an active part in the organization of this meetup. Among others these are:

Meeting Minutes

We aim to have extensive and up-to-date meeting minutes of every meetup we hold. This task should not only sit with speakers and organizers, but we want everyone to add their notes, links, further-reading to our Meeting Minutes.

Fork the repository @ and create a pull request to get involved.

Website Development

We have developed a custom WordPress based website for this meetup. Making use of the GitHub API and the Meetup API to get the content into this website.

Start by forking Check out the Readme for a start.

You can also contribute to the development of the GitHub Markdown to Custom Post Plugin.

Meetup Organization

We are always looking for help with the organization for the actual meetup: Communication with location and speakers, adding meetups to the site, finding topics and speakers, etc.


If you are willing to provide a location or food & beverages for a meetup, you’re more than welcome to talk to us. We are always looking for new places.


The following is a—by no means exhaustive—list of ideas to talk about or to hack on. If you are interested to speak at a meetup or talk part in hosting a workshop, please talk to us at

  • WordPress on a Raspberry Pi

  • Deployment workflow

  • Vulnerability scanner: wpcheck, wpscan

  • Mixed architectures (connection to other PHP frameworks)

  • WordPress multisite with multisite networks

  • Decoupling WordPress

  • Different software stacks to host WordPress on

  • Caching

  • WordPress hosting (not only one specific hoster)

  • Dynamic image resizing

  • Fluid interfaces

  • Maintaining open source projects

  • Semantic versioning

  • Machine learning (to moderate comments)

  • SVN

  • Plugin compatibility (PHP, WordPress, Gutenberg)

  • WP-CLI and packages

  • Test WordPress Coding Standards via GitLab CI/Travis CI

  • Content security policy (CSP)