WordPress & AMP

Mozilla Berlin 03.07.2018 19:00

Presentation and Discussion on the topic of AMP inside of WordPress

Recap WCEU 2018 & WordPress 4.9.6

Bonnie & Byte 19.06.2018 19:00

Recapitulation of talks on development of the WCEU 2018. And: Functions and hooks introduced in WordPress 4.9.6

Git & GitHub Workshop

Mozilla Berlin 22.05.2018 19:00

Getting started with Git and GitHub; fork, clone, fetch remotes and create pull requests to make use of the GitHub workflow.

Content Security Policy & Proxy External Requests

Mozilla Berlin 08.05.2018 19:00

Introduction to Content Security Policy (CSP); the practical benefits, challenges, and limitations of CSP to guard against cross-site scripting attacks (XSS). And: How to proxy requests to external sources through your web server.

Meta: Git & GitHub Workflow

Mozilla Berlin 16.04.2018 19:00

Mastering our Git and GitHub workflow; working with our repositories, handling issues and how to make use of GitHub features.

Meta: Getting started

Mozilla Berlin 10.04.2018 19:00

Outlining the basics to get the meetup started; discussion on communication, topics, locations, hosting and other requirements.