Meetup 003 – 19.06.2018

Hosted by: Bonnie & Byte

What’s new in WordPress 4.9.6


Privacy Policy

WordPress 4.9.6 introduces a new page for privacy settings. The privacy policy link is now displayed on the login and registration pages.

Related functions:

Further reading: Suggesting text for the site privacy policy

Personal data tools

Export: Right to access

Exports are cached on the server for 3 days and then deleted.

Related functions and hooks:

Further reading: Adding the personal data exporter to your plugin

Erase: Right to be forgotten

Related functions and hooks:

Further reading: Privacy related options, hooks and capabilities

PHP Polyfills


Monitor the WordPress roadmap and keep track of all the tickets related to WordPress 4.9.6

Recap WordCamp Europe 2018




Tech Talks

JavaScript APIs in WordPress

Talk by Adam Silverstein | Slides

When to use the API

Talk by Sean Blakeley

Content security policies

Talk by Miriam Schwab | Meeting Minutes

Capability-driven development

Talk by Felix Arntz | Slides


Dependency injection and design patterns in real life

Workshop by Alain Schlesser and David Mosterd | SlidesCode Examples


The ethics of web design

Talk by Morten Rand-Hendriksen