Meta Meetup 001 – 10.04.18

Hosted by: moz://a Community Space Berlin


Hello, and welcome to our very first meta meetup. We are about to start a topic-specific WordPress meetup to discuss things that WordPress developers care about.



  • Email for announcements and scheduling
  • Private Slack channel for quick discussions and scheduling
    • No meetings in Slack channel (consider it lost for future discussions)
    • No group chats in Slack (consider it lost for future organizers)


  • GitHub pull requests instead of write-access
  • GitHub issues instead of inline comments



  • Website hosted on a server owned by @alpipego



General programm

  • Lightning talks
    • Cover a wide range of topics related to WordPress
    • Attract all kinds of WordPress developers
  • Hackathon (work together)
  • Show and tell
    • Common pitfalls
    • Plugin development
  • WordPress news
    • New features, new functions
  • Guest speaker
    • WordPress developer
    • WordPress core developer


  • Mozilla is able to host the meetup more frequently
  • Location should change from time to time
    • Build a list of potential locations
    • Become more well-known
    • Find nice locations


  • No fixed schedule
  • One meetup in about every 14 days
  • Meetup every second time at Mozilla

Things that we care about

  • Not everything that we are discussing will be public.
  • We are not a democracy. We make decisions.
  • Public notes are in English.

Open issues

  • Attract more WordPress developers
  • Find new locations
  • Gather interesting topics to talk about

Next meetup: Monday 16th of April 2018

moz://a Community Space Berlin,
Schlesische Straße 27 (building 3, 3rd floor),
10997 Berlin